Greg Germann | Tales of Time

From time to time we’d like to share news that comes to light of activities and achievements by different members of our community.  This time it’s huge congratulations to member Greg Germann on his new jazz album “Tales of Time”!

Greg’s been a member of The Cue Tube community since way back in August 2020 and was one of our earliest supporters!  So, naturally, we’re delighted to see his album out there and doing well.  Greg’s been getting some great reviews, some interview coverage and some traction on the Jazz Week chart with his release.

Great job, Greg! Keep on developing and growing! We are happy to have you in our community!

Greg is a talented drummer and composer, based in NYC. He is also an old friend of The Cue Tube and a participant of our film scoring competitions.

From Greg’s Cue Tube bio: “Been touring the world playing drums for broadway shows! While on the road I’ve scored a number of films, the Invaders web series and won a Telly Award for my compositions! I have a new jazz record coming out soon called “Tales of Time” being released May 21st by Origin records. Thanks for stopping by my profile!”


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