About us and what we do

The Cue Tube is a brand new (founded August 2020) global community of 5900+ media creatives: film composers, filmmakers, sound designers, game composers and more, from 110+ countries from all over the world. 



We offer free information, resources and opportunities for those looking to develop their portfolio, network and career in these areas.  Specifically we exist to try to help composers and sound designers connect with filmmakers and game developers to create amazing work together.

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A core value of The Cue Tube is to be as inclusive as possible – so we’re building a free-to-use, global community of creative people with shared objectives. Our members range from students to seasoned award-winning professionals and the work of our members within the platform has already started to come to the attention of professional studios, directors, Hollywood-based composers and more. 

We have already had collaborations taking place between filmmakers and composers who have found each other via The Cue Tube.


The Cue Tube will help you get to where you want to get with your composing, sound design and filmmaking.

We are excited to have your support and participation.  We’d love to hear your stories, and to see how you use our resources to create, to learn, to share and to develop.


We want The Cue Tube to be a place for growth, a platform where like-minded individuals gather to collaborate and exchange ideas with their experience, vision and style.

We are providing ways to find work opportunities, develop useful networks, and find interesting and challenging projects to develop your portfolio.

We are creating a highly diverse, wide-ranging and useful range of resources, available for free, which will continue to grow over time.

We are developing The Cue Tube as a gateway into the film industry where you can make the connections that will help you build a career if that’s your goal.

Join the Global Cue Tube community and start networking with like-minded creatives and building your portfolio today.

And welcome on board!

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