Podcast Episode 4 – Ziv Kitaro, Whaleapp games

We’ve published our full interview with Ziv Kitaro, Director of Product Management and Business Development at Israel-based game developer Whaleapp.  The interview is an insightful discussion on how the gaming industry works and some ideas as to the best way to approach establishing yourself in the industry.

To coincide with the podcast, we’ve added another gaming clip to our Curated Library of unscored clips AND to our Sound Design library here. This is a great opportunity for those looking to develop skills and a portfolio showcasing their music for games, or sound for games, chops.  The clip is from a game called Varenje and is a gameplay clip kindly provided by our good friend and game developer extraordinaire Sergei Komar.  This is a great addition to the other gaming clips in our library.  

Let us know what you think of the interview and the clip!  We hope you enjoy them and find them useful in developing your career composing music.


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