Jon Meyer’s Scoring Competition

Jon Meyer, who runs a great YouTube channel showcasing his journey with sampling, video editing and media composition, has launched a great little scoring competition. 

Jon is also a talented videographer and has put together a nice sequence of footage from a family trip to Alaska and added some sound design and a voiceover.

The task for the contest is to create a cue using Jon’s prototypes and sounds from Pianobook  Submit your entry by June 28th by uploading it to YouTube with the relevant hashtag in the title. 

The winner, chosen by Jon, will receive a handmade Native American flute carved by Vernon Agold.



All the details for participation are here and we will also add the video clip to our Curated Library for anyone that would like to experiment with creating a cue: Jon Meyer Scoring Competition

Good luck to everyone that takes part!

Jon is also running a discount on his popular, and beautiful, felt piano sample pack.  Details below: