Who We Are | OLO and Andreas Dormann

We are happy to share another story of a successful collaboration that started on The Cue Tube platform and connected two amazing composers.

OLO is a songwriter, based in the UK, who participated in our latest scoring competition #ScoreRelief2021 We were amazed with her song “Now Smile” that became an anthem for the Grande Finale video of the competition:


Andreas Dormann is a film & media composer, based in Bonn, Germany. Andreas is also a member of The Cue Tube Community and participated in ScoreRelief2021. He made a connection with OLO and they started working on her brand new song “Back to one” together. Learn more here:



Visit OLO on: https://www.facebook.com/olothemusic and her YouTube channel.

Andreas Dormann actively runs his channel on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/AndreasDormannMusic/


A quick word about #ScoreRelief2021:

At the start of the year, we ran Score Relief 2021, our film scoring competition and charity fundraiser. We received over 1800 entries and raised over £10,000 in donations in support of the Backup Hardship fund, helping entertainment industry technical workers during the pandemic.

Denizcan Aktaş’ winning score, which as a prize was performed and recorded by Northern Film Orchestra, is presented here The full story of Score Relief 2021 is here and the five prize-winning scores are presented here



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