New features for Sound Designers

We welcome the sound design world to our free community at The Cue Tube with the launch of Sound Design Tools.

We are providing resources for sound designers to use for developing skills, a portfolio and a network with other sound designers, composers and filmmakers, for free, on The Cue Tube.

Initially we will build a Library of video clips, across a variety of genres, without sound design, which can be legally downloaded and used for practice and then for sharing in your free portfolio on The Cue Tube. Simply register for free, upload your video to YouTube/Vimeo and then share it on The Cue Tube in your profile. By sharing with us, you’ll be plugging into a global network of thousands of sound designers, composers and filmmakers with the chance to be heard, to learn, to get advice, to collaborate and, ultimately, to find work.

When you share your work on The Cue Tube, take care to select the ‘sound design’ category which will enable other people to find you and hear your work. We are also looking for great examples of sound design to add to our Curated Library for composers to add music to. So if you’re happy to have us consider yours, let us know. If we decided to use it, we will add your name to the credits and you’ll of course be able to use the modified video within your own profile. In any case, it’d be great if you gave composers a download link to your video so that they can add music to it if they like your work. This is what The Cue Tube is – a collaborative creative community with free resources for everyone, creating a win-win and giving everyone a chance to learn, grow and have great experiences. By making your work available for others to add music, you’ll learn how composers work with your sound design, you’ll have more options for your showcase and you’ll build a great network of fellow creatives.

Find our new resources at

We hope you find this resource useful and we’d welcome any feedback.

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