A Cue Tube Success story – Podcast Episode Three

We are so proud to share a story of the Cue Tube member composer Nicholas Nelson and filmmaker Nick Hagman who met via the Cue Tube and collaborated on a very ambitious project together. 


The story began when Nicholas Nelson posted on The Cue Tube Forum, answering some questions about where he was from, what he was into and just talked to a few members composers.

“Then, one day, October 6, I got an instagram message from Mechanimations, who introduced himself and said: “Hi! I’ve got this project I’m working on. I found out about you on The Cue Tube and was wondering if you might be interested in working on a little project with me.” He sent me the link to show what he was doing and I was just fascinated! I love Stop Motion Animation. So we started discussing his vision and what he was looking for and things clicked!…. “


In Episode Three we talk about:

  • how they met;
  • how Nick had chosen Nicholas from the community of composers;
  • what criteria a filmmaker might have when looking for a composer;
  • how the collaboration on the project went.


Nicholas Nelson: “Filmmakers and composers don’t have much of a strong networking base, especially with Covid you can’t just go out to a coffeeshop and hang out with creatives and say: – Hey! I write music! – I do film! … Or… – I do this! – I do that. It’s gone. So the Cue Tube is filling the void quite nicely of putting together a great community of filmmakers, composers, game developers, and any type of visual artists.”


Go ahead and hear the full discussion:


Check out what they came up with and see the result of approximately 500 hours worth of work:

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