Archie’s Diary Episode Two

We have now published Episode Two of Archie’s Blog, our journey in the life of young British composer Archie Jennings. Join us as we dive a little deeper into Archie’s transition from full time education to life as a working composer.

We learn more about his studies at Surrey University and what he gained from it, including some thoughts on the elusive task of finding your voice. We also learn why he decided to leave his studies behind (for now) and how he started to make progress in his career, reaching out to filmmakers and finding his first professional projects to work on. We learn about experiments with modular synthesis, how to choose directors to contact, projects he’s working on, or which are coming along soon, including a beautiful spoken-word project with actress Colette Brown and two exciting projects with Red Blazer Productions. We also touch on the business side of composing and building a business or brand as an up and coming composer.

Hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think. Any questions you’d like us to discuss in a future episode. Tell us about YOUR journey!


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