Announcing Archie’s Diary – Episode 1

What is Archie’s Diary?

We have launched an exciting new feature for users of The Cue Tube, and for anyone interested in developing their career as a composer.

Archie’s blog will be a regular feature – as time, resources and news-to-share dictate – providing an insight into the working life of Archie Jennings, a young British composer and member of The Cue Tube as he builds his career following his music studies at Surrey University.

We intend to share insights into how Archie finds work, how he builds his network, how he approaches jobs, what jobs he’s working on and the challenges and opportunities that he encounters along the way as he works to make a name for himself in the competitive world of film composing.

Episode One

In Episode One, we meet Archie and discuss his background, his education, his motivation and how and why he made the decision to focus on music as his career, and educational direction.

Archie shares an insight into the other interests that were vying for his attention, what sort of educational and extra-curricular experiences he had as a young musician, which helped to shape him, and how he transitioned from gigging blues guitarist to aspiring film composer.  We discuss musical influences and such luminaries as Pink Floyd, Anushka Shankar and Berlioz, as well as ideas for finding your voice as a composer and musician.

Learn more on our Youtube channel and give your feedback in comments!